Our competences

Our competences

Comprehensive Financial Planning

«We provide the expertise of a banking consultant, insurance broker, and tax advisor. So you only need one partner to plan your financial future.»

Independent of Banks and Insurance Companies

«Being able to choose products from over 100 partners means that we can tailor solutions to your needs—and we can make independent decisions.»

Transparent und Fair

«Financial planning does not have to be expensive. We keep our costs—and thus your costs—as low as possible.»

For All Stages of Life

«Circumstances can change quickly in our fast-paced world. As your partner in financial matters, we address changes together.»


«Avoid unpleasant surprises and stay a step ahead with us

Socially Committed

«For us, talking about money also means giving thought to those with limited financial means. We want to make a difference with our commitment to social causes»

We currently support the following projects

«Together for Uganda»

The Together for Uganda association runs a kindergarten and a primary school in Mbale, Uganda that is attended by some of the region’s poorest children. Around 350 schoolchildren receive not only an outstanding education but also warm meals every day, school uniforms, and all of their school supplies for free. We are delighted that our commitment enables many children in Uganda to attend this school and thus improve their future possibilities.

«Together for Uganda»


We aim to empower women and lift people out of poverty by ensuring long term access to clean water for everyone, everywhere in Madagascar.

We adopt a variety of rainwater harvesting techniques to ensure clean water is available in schools, hospitals, homes and communities.


“We care about our clients
— and those in need.”

It goes without saying that as a service provider, we put our clients first. Yet what does that mean in practice?

Our expertise in the finance and insurance industry enables us to present each client with a wide range of options, so the client can make a final decision. By combining each client’s preferences with our recommendations, we find solutions our clients can get excited about. In our recommendations, we always consider not only cost and performance but also factors such as the quality of a company’s services or the sustainability of an investment.

In addition, we help our clients simplify their processes by using modern Technology.

Carefinance: we care about our clients

In Switzerland, we have many privileges. We have health insurance, which guarantees treatment at leading hospitals. Many people can save for their own homes. And thanks to good social security and pension schemes, we can enjoy retirement with few financial worries.

In some parts of the world, even going to school and having one meal a day are great privileges. Because so much is taken for granted in Switzerland, we are committed to helping those who are less fortunate.

All of our employees voluntarily contribute 3 percent of their salary to the social and humanitarian projects we support; the members of our executive board contribute at least 5 percent of their salaries. Moreover, we also donate 10 percent of Carefinance’s annual profits to social projects.

Our Partners