Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients


  • Which risks can—and must—be covered by insurance?
  • Who can assist me with legal issues?
  • What levels of coverage, waiting periods, etc. are suitable for my business?
  • What is the difference between fixed-sum insurance and indemnity insurance?
  • Are package solutions available?
  • We manage your insurance portfolio and are by your side—whenever you need us.


Seit längerer Zeit lassen wir uns in privaten wie geschäftlichen Belangen in meiner Selbstständigkeit von Herrn Samuel Glaser beraten. Von etlichen Vertrauensschritten in den letzten Jahren war dieser Entscheid ein Glücksfall. Wir sind sehr zufrieden.

Audrey Marti

Pension Fund

  • What is the difference between a fully-autonomous and a semi-autonomous pension fund?
  • What are the advantages of solutions for management-level employees?
  • What rate of return does my pension fund generate and how much interest do I earn on savings contributions?
  • What does it mean when a pension fund has insufficient coverage?
  • Are my pension fund’s administrative fees and risk premiums too high?
  • How and when can I change my pension fund?
  • Am I insured under a defined contribution plan or a defined benefit plan?
  • Do the risk benefits correspond to my needs and employees’ needs?
  • We know the market and find the best solution for your business.