Individual Clients

Individual Clients


  • Am I paying too much for my insurance?
  • Do I have too much, too little, or overlapping insurance?
  • Is there a more cost-effective solution available?
  • Do I have a clear overview of my insurance coverage?
  • Are my assets protected?
  • We provide comprehensive solutions—and we are independent of insurance companies.

Pension Planning

  • What are the advantages of pillar 3a savings?
  • How do 3a contributions affect my taxes?
  • What is the difference between pension solutions offered by banks and those provided by insurance companies?
  • Who should consider pillar 3b options?
  • How much money would I receive if I lost my income?
  • Can I afford to retire early?
  • What can I use my pension assets for?
  • Am I earning a good interest rate?
  • We answer your questions and find the ideal solution for you.


  • Should I draw the money from my pension fund as a lump sum or as a pension?
  • Will I really pay less taxes after I retire?
  • I have retired—now what?
  • How can I invest pension assets that have been paid out?
  • How can I optimize my taxes in the years prior to retirement?
  • Is it worth making additional pension fund purchases?
  • How much will my Swiss state pension be?
  • How much will it cost me to retire early?
  • We help you plan so you can retire without financial worries.

Buying and Selling Real Estate

  • What costs and taxes are incurred when buying or selling real estate?
  • Has the real estate object been appraised fairly?
  • Does using a realtor make it easier to sell my real estate?
  • We help you buy or sell real estate at a fair price.

Home Ownership

  • Can I afford to buy my own home or apartment?
  • Should I use my pension savings to finance my real estate?
  • What are the consequences of pledging my pension assets or withdrawing them early?
  • Is my home financing tax efficient?
  • Should I amortize my mortgage directly or indirectly?
  • Should I use a bank solution or an insurance solution for indirect amortization?
  • What happens to property in the event of occupational disability or death?
  • Am I paying too much for my mortgage?
  • How can I optimize my tax advantages when making renovations?
  • What is a building loan and when is it necessary?
  • We show you how to turn your home ownership dream into reality.
  • Are you already a homeowner? We can help you optimize your current financing.

Investment and Wealth Management

  • How do I sustainably grow my assets?
  • How do I preserve the value of my assets?
  • How can I minimize investment risks?
  • Are small investments worthwhile?
  • How do I make sure that I have enough money for each stage of life?
  • How do ETFs work?
  • Is my portfolio sufficiently diversified?
  • Am I paying too much for my investments fees?
  • We find investments that suit you and we do everything we can to ensure your financial security through all stages of life.


  • How can I pay less taxes?
  • Which tax tricks are legal?
  • Do I have any control over my withholding tax?
  • How do I calculate the amount of taxes I owe?
  • We fill out your tax forms for you and ensure that current and future items are declared in compliance with tax laws.